Enclosed transport of Classic & Sports & Luxury cars operated across Europe.

Car transport
Car transport

Automotive transport services

  • We provide safe enclosed transport for all types of cars that need to be handled with utmost care. Transport is fully insured, detailed photos are taken before and after loading, transport is monitored and with regular updates through the journey.

  • We also provide door-to-door service to or from official/ specialized Sports & Classic cars dealers for service or purchase, as well as transport to events, exhibitions, track days etc.

  • We also provide transport of vehicles with open trailers and transport of motorcycles with enclosed trailer.

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Complete technical check for Youngtimers, Classic & Sports Cars throughout Europe.

Technical inspections

  • We provide technical check before purchase for Youngtimers, Classic and Sports cars (operated across Europe).

  • Inspection includes mechanical parts (engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes etc.), bodywork (check for possible previous accidents or repainted parts, rust, damages), diagnostics (if equipped with OBD II plug), overall condition check (signs of rough driving & racetrack, interior wear, tires wear and DOT, electric equipment function etc.). Photos, videos and technical report are part of the inspection services package.

  • We also provide complete service package for purchase of a vehicle: finding the optimal car, communication with seller/dealer, complete technical inspection of the car, purchase processing, enclosed transport across Europe, service or maintenance works (if necessary), registration papers processing (availability depending on the country) and home delivery.

Technické inspekce

Detailed inspection of the complete technical condition of vehicles

Specialized service maintenance for Youngtimers, Classic and Sports cars

Service & Parts

  • We perform service maintenance on most types of vehicles for our clients, such as oil and inspection service, fluids, filters, spark plugs, hoses, brakes, tires and chassis parts service and replacement, etc.

  • We can advise you on how to properly take care of your car, whether it is a youngtimer, classic or sports car.

  • Through our partners, we may arrange all special repairs such as overhauls of engines and gearboxes, bodywork painting, complete vehicle renovations and special spare parts delivery.

Technické inspekce

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